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This was a very weird year, anyway I'm fine with everything~
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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 4, 2010, 9:09 PM

This is sort of remainder of everything I have do xD


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Yukari Stamp by xxChihiroSan
Yukkuri Shiteitte ne Stamp by Kingdar
Mayonaka Wa Jyunketsu STAMP by RingoNoUta
I support Shoggoth by SpectralFairy

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:bug: It has been fixed! o/
now I'm happy xD


my netbook broke down, now I can't play OSU very well 'cause all other computers're so big to me, everything is big, even the keys D:
Or is it I'm really used to those tiny keys and screen? xD

Anyway, I think without OSU I'll have more time to draw xDDDD (or to try drawin' xd )
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via Chile Relief ->…
or at LiveJournal:…
or :iconayudachile:

03/04: Omg I'm so happy, today I got news about all my friends >< They're fine, yey! well one of them lose his home though :/ Anyway, the're ok, and that's the most important thing.

03/03: Finally!! I was able to talk to one of my friends, Ciam, he said he was fine! Aw, I'm so happy >< But there're 2 more left, and no news about them u_u  

03/02: I heard how was Bucalemu, I saw it on the news, people lost their houses but nobody has dead, so I'm quite alliviated.

:bug: On Saturday 27 my country was hit by an earthquake, it was 8.8 but was so long that we thought it was stronger. Me and my familiy're fine, but  i'm still worried. Some of my friends're missing, 2 of them ( :iconspiritless19: and Ciam ) live in concepción near where the earthquake struck, and the other (Ian, who lives on the next door when we're on college period ) lives in Bucalemu a little town which was hitten by a tsunami, I haven't had any news about them ><

This is my second time in an earthquake, the first one was like 7.6 when I lived in Coquimbo on 1997; but this one was so apocalyptic, I mean there were so many light explotions we thought it was the end, but due the circumstances I was so nervous that I started laughing.
Hm.. I'd like to know what's gonna happen on the following days.
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^I love it xD

:iconspiritless19: told me to make an account in this so I did xD
go and ask whatever you want D:
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:bug: Al infinito y al más allá!
I'm happy, on these days I'll try drawing more Touhou characters! ºoº
and I won't stop until I'm satisfied with my works xDD
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:bug: Yey, tarde como siempre xDD
Hm... Bien, el año 2009 fue extraño, movido, hundido, deprimido, naciente, emocionante, y varias cosas más, creo que ha sido el año en el que más crecí, conocí mucha gente que ahora adoro *-*~

1.- La ppl loca del GazeAdiktos, las amo a todas ;3;

2.- La gente del J-Tomate. El tomateo, lo mejor del mundo xD

3.- Del (2) salió :iconkenguro: que luego me metió en el vicio del OSU!, y luego arrastré conmigo a :iconspiritless19: y :iconibizen: en el vicio *o*~
Y ahora las 3 hablamos puras basuras yuri del Touhou, excelente xDDDD

Ahora comienza un nuevo año!
Lleno de retos, estupideces inesperadas, giros de 180º, turbulencias (?), y así~

Ahora, :iconibizen: sabes que te amo loca y gheimente y gracias por todo lo del año~ Ahí ando haciendo de movimientos oscuros para  ver si me sale un viajecillo 1313 (Si no, me consigo el poder de abrir agujeros en el espacio-tiempo como Yukari y listo xDD )

Y :iconspiritless19:, locah, amo como dibujas ;___; te lo digo siempre xDDD Y pensar que ese engendro malvado de Touhou + OSU! hizo que habláramos más xDD

será mi explosión de este año xD
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Does anyone play "OSU!"?

I'm addicted to this game
(stupid Kenguro!! Dx )
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B-day 0

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 29, 2009, 7:43 PM
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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 27, 2009, 11:12 PM

:bug: No, it's not about me.


Some days ago my great-grandmother has passed away, I'll miss her a lot, she was the most funniest woman I've ever met, always joking aand making you laugh even if you were terribly sad. She taugh me lots of things, she told me lots of stories, and I'll be really grateful for all that. The day before she passed away I apologised to her because it was suppoused that I was going to made her great-great-grandmother, but I didn't I told her I was too young yet, but instead of that I'd be the greatest interpreter and translator anyone would ever seen.
It was suppoused that I was going to give a short speech at her funeral, but I couldn't, words didn't came up, all I was able to do was just thinking all I wanted to say though, at the same time into my head a MUCC song was being played, it was Fuyuu, and the phrase "I become a fish swimming through distand skies" was like everything I wanted to say.
So, goodbye my dearest great-grandmother, I'll always remember you. :heart:

Es el adiós.-

Pues sí, más o menos como puse en inglés, mi bisabuela falleció y en realidad en mi cabeza no ha muchas cosas en estos momentos, las malas noticias vienen una tras otra y ya me estoy cansando de todo eso. Sin embargo a pesar de todo, le prometí que sería la mejor dentro de lo mío, y así será, además, heredé de ella las mejores cosas, no mucho material, si no que el ver sus esfuerzos por mantenerse aferrada a la vida me hicieron recapacitar de todo, estaré más que triste pero esa mujer se convirtió en un modelo a seguir, y realmente la admiro mucho, no habrá sido profesional ni nada por el estilo, pero ya perder a dos maridos, criar sola a 5 hijos y luego ser el eje central de toda una familia ya es mucho. Y llegar a la edad que llegó, y con esa fuerza y alegría también es algo inmenso.
La extrañaré mucho, pero sé que ahora está mejor.
Y te recordaré por siempre :heart:

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Journal Entry: Wed Nov 11, 2009, 9:41 PM
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The end is comming~

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 10, 2009, 1:07 PM
:bug: Al fin se viene fin de año, me quedan unas pocas semanas y termino con las clases en la universidad (2 a decir verdad), y así, una que aún sigue loca tras el concierto de MUCC y que ahora junta plata para ir a ver a Anza con Head Phones President :dummy:
Bueno, además, a fin de mes es mi super cumpleaños de 22 años (DDD: ), si me da la tontera puede que lo pase en santiago xDD

btw, aprovechando que está esto del CSS sexy gratuito xD

Haré features! º0º A los 5 primeros (tal vez llegue a los 10 xD )que digan "oli :B" o lo que sea. Btw, esto lo hago de puro aburrida y aprovechando la situación xD
ams, :iconwasurenaiitsumo: la pongo acá porque sé que no se aparecerá por un wen tiempo y quiero ponerla ♥


The end the year is coing! just a few weeks and that's it ( just 2 weeks *-*), well now after MUCC's concert I have to save some money to go to Head Phones President concert next year! :dummy:
And at the end of this mont it'll be my b-day (on november 30th xd ), 22 years D:!
I think I'll celebrate it in Santiago, depending on my mood :la:

I'll do some features! To the first 5 person (maybe 10 :B ) that comment in this journal. Btw, it's not a tag, I'm doing this just because xd

1. :iconwasurenaiitsumo:

ruki before I decay -canvas by wasurenaiitsumo Uruha by wasurenaiitsumo

Mature Content

reituki wip-gift for asenath by wasurenaiitsumo
(mi regalo xDD )


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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 2, 2009, 10:48 AM
:bug: lo meor que me ha pasado en la vida, así de simple :heart:
la cara de alegría de SATOchi uando salieron al encore me mató xDDD
tanto quw tuve que hacer el supermegasexy avatar feo x'ddd
(es horrible xDDD)…

Y Miya y su español chanta ;o;
fk, lo más hermoso fue oir Fuyuu, hanabi y sora to ito de corrido, y el final con zetsubou, será el gran regalo que nos dieron *-*~
hasta donde sé no la tocron en méxico :B

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:bug: MUCC concert is tomorrow!!!
They're alredeady in Chile, as far as I know they arrived about 12am (just a few hours ago *-*)
I'm gonna die xDD
I'm gonna see Miya, Tatsurou, SATOchi, and... my master, Yukke!! *o*
I'm sure that when they play Sora to Ito I'm gonna explode or something xDDDD and then I will be dead so I won't go to Gazeadiktos meeting :3 ok, no xDDD

Uh, I just saw this trailer *-*

*excited about the movie*…

It's Gundam 00 Movie! :dance:
but I haven't ended watching the second season yet 8D
*shots at herself*
ok, after band reharsals, college exams and all that I think I'll be able to finally  watch G00 S2 :B
and then wait for the movie *-*
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:bug: On Monday was my dA account B-day so I updated this journal xD
It has been 2 years... o_o
btw, I just noticed most of my works're uploaded on Monday! =o

Hum.. it's October, at the end of this month I'm going to MUCC's concert at Teatro Novedades in Santiago and then I'll have a nice Halloween with all that people from Gazeadktos forum x3
There's just one bad thing, at that time it'll be just one month to my B-day! D:
This year I won't do anything, I think I'm not in the mood -.-
(well, if there's someone who wants to kidnap me or something, go on xDDD )

Bleh, just can't wait more 'till 29, I think I'm gonna explode on that day D:
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:bug:"Project Hugo", has started just one has been finished though, Zetsu, guess who is x'd
the others aren't as easy as i thought >_o


I forgot i was tagged xDD

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in the comment.

got this from :iconblackvegetable:


Real Name: Barbara
Nickname: Asenath
DA name: Inquanok (everything is H.P.Lovecraft realted :iconimhappyplz:
Country: Chile
Gender ♀/♂: female '3' ♀


Color: red/black/white/blue/green
Food: ice cream =9
The moment (one only): my last B-day
Song at the moment:  the GazettE – ☆BEST FRIENDS☆ (i used to hate that song ._.U )
TV Program (one only): the mighty boosh
TV Channel (one only): dunno
Book: anything by Lovecraft
What do you like most?: playing bass


Sweet or Spicy?: weet
White chocolate or dark chocolate?: dark, white isn't chocolate D:
Desktop Computer or Laptop?: both
Ice cream or cake?: Ice Cream
Anime or cartoons: Anime
PSP or PS2: PS2
Sony or Panasonic?: Sony
RnB or Pop?: none ._.
What is your most favorite deviation in your gallery?: i think it's Tess, kirk n' the moose, (…) whith this one i discovered i can draw xD


Who is your first watcher?
:iconbulit69: i wonder if he died ._.

How many watchers do you have right now?
59 O_O <- really surprised xD

How many deviations do you have?

At the moment, how many pageviews do you have?
8,504 - woah o_o

Whom of your watchers do you talk the most with?

Are you a subscriber?

When did you start using Deviantart?
Oct, 19 2007



D Club:…
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:bug:Second semester has started!
I think I need longer holidays =_=

Anyway, finally the Cthulhu drawing has been finished! Yesterday i went to the post office and sent it xd It was quite harsh 'cause this is first time I give one of my good drawings, I'll upload it after 18th, you'll have to wait a bit more, sorry ^^;

Oh, yes, I started a "weird" proyect, as soon as i'm able to scan the fist one you'll know what I'm talking about, look forward it!


D club:…
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:bug: gosh, i'm stuck with cthulhu, maybe it's because i have lot of things on my mind... i've started a lot of drawings but i already know i won't finish them, it's quite sad 'cause I really like one of those drawings it has a special meaning to me, i think i'm gonna try and finish it. I'm forced to finish Chulhu 'cause it's a b-day gift to :iconibizen:, so just wait and look forward to it!, ok?

And everybody must love the GazettE's new Album!


D club:…
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  • Drinking: hugo xD
:bug:As i said some time ago i'm drawing Lovecraft's creatures! >D
it'll take a lot of time 'cause i like details (lots of them *o* ) and all that xD
At the moment i'm with cthulhu, then maybe i'll draw nyarlathotep (aka Nyarly xD ) or Ithaqua -3- not sure yet.

Lately i've been playing "American McGee's Alice", so lovely and creepy~ *o*
i can't believe i hadn't played this before u_ú
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:bug: just one thing:
it was FAWESOME!!!!!!

OMG, i can't believe it yet...
in short: I drank water spit by Miku n' also his sweat mixed with water when he shook his head in front of me (i could say i was running after him xD ), Yuuki smiled n' made to me a nod (the same i made to him!! D: ) n' I touched him! Kanon wink at me smiling!! (i know it was to me 'cause at that moment i was the only one screaming to him n' he was relly close o_o) and.. I wore Kanon's wristband!!! (yeah, it was his wristband!!!!! ajsdfgsadj >< )
i cant believe I've cried so much, almost the whole concert D:

yeah, it was too much to me, today i was like a ghost, almost floating over everybody xD

I wrote almost everything i'm able to remember in my LJ, in spanish, i had too many things to write ><!!
(first time I've written something not FO o.o)…